I forgot to mention but France won

In a match whose finale was broadcast live on BBC 1 France emerged victorious over Sweden.  The Swedes were tenacious but ultimately were always chasing the game.  They played well above expectations in even reaching the final but the defeat does represent the fourth time they’ve finished second in the Olympics whereas France joined the Norwegian women in retaining their Beijing title.

The decisive section of the match came after twenty minutes when France turned a 7-7 tied game into a 10-7 advantage that Sweden were never able to pull back despite the best efforts of Niclas Ekberg (6/8) who presumably did his search for a club after the collapse of AG København no harm at all.  The French enjoyed most of the support of the Basketball Arena and there were suitably insane scenes after the final whistle went.

Later, according to YouTube, the French dismantled the L’Equipe TV set live on air.  You can do that sort of thing if you’re Olympic champions.


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