The British Are Coming

The qualification process for the 2016 Men’s European Championship begins, remarkably, in 2012.  The long march to Poland begins before the 2014 version of the championship has even been held.  Qualification takes place over two phases and the first phase includes 9 countries spread over three groups.  The winners of each group qualify for phase 2.  For the rest, it’s BFH time.

Great Britain have been drawn with Italy and Greece.  They will play Greece away on either 31 October or 1 November and Italy away 12/13 June 2013.  Sandwiched in between they have two home games against the same opponents to be held on either 3/4 April and either 6/7 April.  Venues, dates, prices etc to be determined.

This will be the second successive qualification run in which the British have played Greece and Italy: the 2014 Euro qualifiers were also held this year.  In June in fact.  In a three-match tournament in Italy Britain lost 35-30 to Greece and 29-26 to Italy.  It was only the fourth team in the group, Switzerland, who actually progressed to phase 2 qualification.


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