If it’s Wednesday it must be EHF Champions League

A few gremlins prevented me from getting previews and reviews up for the remainder of last week’s matches.  Suffice to say that things mostly went according to script on the court but that the Madrid-Kiel game didn’t really live up to the build up.  The real major news came from France where Montpellier having performed well in Europe suffered a double whammy of having leading players arrested for betting against their team – a lot more on this to come later – and losing heavily to Paris.  There’s a good chance the direction of the French title has already been decided.

There’s just the one match today and that’s previewed below with the normal caveats about wild inaccuracy (please correct me in the comments) …

Group B HCM Constanta v MKB Veszprèm KC (6pm, live stream)
Being the only game today means we can all look towards Romania – although we need to look to the town of Buzau where the game is apparently being played which is some two hours drive across the country from Constanta.  Veszprèm of Hungary top Group B after their ten point win over European lightweights former champions Lasko Celje whereas Constanta went down by a handful in Sweden.  A win for the visitors will set them up nicely for qualification to the knock out rounds; the home side will find themselves under pressure after a loss especially as their next match is against Kiel.  The points heading to Hungary seems the most likely outcome (the bookies have Veszprèm at 1/8 for the win).

If, like me, you find your handball ignorance is showing you might also enjoy this link: it’s the Tactic Corner looking at the Flensburg v Montpellier game which finished 37:37 last week.  The page also has Top 5 goals, saves and the like.



  1. Brian Salmon

    The Slovenian club appear to be causing more problems off the court, than they do on it!! Calling them Lasko would be equivalent to referring to Intersport rather than Barcelona or the owners of Goodison Park as Chang Beer. Talking of beer I would recommend a trip to Eastern Europe to order a pivo, perhaps even one that comes from this fine company!

    Agree that the Tactics Corner is a very good feature. I would recommend for anyone to watch the complete Rewind show on http://www.ehftv.com, it is very slickly packaged with highlights and features from most of the games played over the weekend, it even has a feature on our favourite Slovenian club’s resurgence. You can also see any match that you may have missed last week.

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