Handball Fantasy Time – Serbia Euro 2012 (Women’s edition) begins today …

https://i0.wp.com/www.scottishhandball.com/wp-content/uploads/EasyRotatorStorage/user-content/erc_52_1342127244/content/assets/Sponsor-Sliders-ehf-0.jpgWe’ve done the preview and some other people who know what they’re talking about have also had their say.  Today, with a whopping eight games, Euro 2012 gets underway.  Remember, this is the preliminary group stage so 12 of the 16 teams will progress so a loss today won’t be disastrous but teams will be wanting to build points and set down markers (and the sort of thing that sports commentators say when they’ve run out of other things).

Remember: it’s all live on the EHF Euro YouTube channel for viewers in the UK – and there will be a review programme every night at midnight on British Eurosport 2.

Here’s today’s fixtures with who I think (based on science(*)) will win in bold:

Group A:
4.45pm (UK) Ukraine v Czech Republic;  7.15pm Norway v Serbia (draw)

Group B:
4.45pm France v Macedonia; 7.15pm Sweden v Denmark

Group C:
5.15pm Germany v Spain; 7.15pm Croatia v Hungary

Group D:
5.05pm Montenegro v Iceland; 7.15pm Romania v Russia

(* = ‘science’ here is based on an alternative meaning of “guessing”)


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