Win 73:2 … but still don’t make the semi finals …

At the same time as European eyes are on Belgrade and Novi Sad the 2012 Asian Women’s Championship is taking place in Indonesia.  Evidently, the hosts have struggled.  Before their most recent match they had played four and lost four – and were -211 on points difference.

Things were about to get worse.

In their next (and thankfully, final) match they played North Korea and lost 2:73.  They got a goal and conceded more than thirty in each half.

However, joy for the people of the Democratic People’s Republic was short-lived as they could only finish third in the table behind China and South Korea and so do not make the semi finals.  They take place tomorrow and it’s South Korea v Kazakhstan and Japan v China.

South Korea have won 10 of the 13 Asian Women’s Championships so far contested but it’s Kazakhstan who are the defending champions.  Their semi final, at least, should be a lot closer than 73:2


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