Now we all need a dollar. No money for international handball in the UK.

Everyone knows the focus for UK Sport is on winning medals in Olympics.  It’s why they pump tens of millions into modern pentathlon.  And as there is, sadly, no realistic possibility of either the men’s or women’s Great Britain handball teams qualifying for Rio 2016 so there will be no elite level funding at all for handball from UK Sport.

The men’s team have already faced economic reality by paying their own way to Greece in a recent qualifer.  The women’s team’s fate since the summer has been even harsher: no games played and none scheduled.  It is hard to see how the situation for internationals is going to improve enough by the next funding cycle.

This doesn’t affect at all the Sport England money for participation and development but it does mean that if and when there is a solid body of players ready to step up to international level the journey for them has just become significantly harder.


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  1. Brian Salmon

    Vastly disappointing and incredibly short sighted decision. This is leaving the sport legless rather than creating a legacy. It seems that it would have been better for Holly, Louise, Lyn, and other GB team members to come out holding an epee rather than a ball. How can UK Sport increase funding to the most corrupt and badly run sport in the UK otherwise known as taekwondo- just imagine how much that martial art would have received had they actually selected their best team!!!
    How on earth do UK Sport imagine that Team GB can become remotely competitive if they do not even have the finances to attend qualifying matches? Crazy and wrong decision from an out of touch quango.

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