Day 4 of the World Championship – Spain return to action … and previews of all the rest …

It lacks a kangaroo. Australia play Hungary today.

Another day at the World Championship and another six game schedule.  This time our attention turns to Groups C and D who play their second batch of matches.  As a reminder for those in the UK you can (legally) watch in one of two ways: you can pay £40 to (about whom we are not hearing positives) or you can deposit any amount in a Bet365 account and watch there.  There are of course other ways but you should probably check your anti-virus software before trying them.  Anyway, suitably chastened by how yesterday turned out for our predictions, here are our thoughts on today’s games.

Group C begins at 2.45pm (UK) with the match-up between South Korea and Slovenia.  According to those chaps at Handball Wettpoint you have to go back to 2011 for South Korea’s last victory over a European side and they have lost against Slovenia every time they’ve met …  but I still live in hope of a competitive match.  At 5pm it’s Belarus against Serbia and anything other than a Serb win will be something of a surprise.  Belarus lost to Poland last time out whereas Serbia made short work of the Koreans.  Finally, at 7.15pm the finale of the day sees Poland play Saudi Arabia.  It is apparently the first time the two sides have met in a competitive fixture.  Poland should win comfortably.

Over in Madrid the hosts Spain are second in the triple bill.  Fans of #hispanos will have to watch Croatia power past Algeria at 3.45pm before getting to see their boys do the same against Egypt at 6pm.  The end of what should be a predictable day in the group comes at 8.15pm when Hungary (who scored more than 30 against Egypt) play Australia (who conceded more than 30 against Croatia).  The bookies aren’t even taking bets on the outcome of the match.


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