Preview of Tuesdays’s World Championship matches in Groups C and D …

You know the drill by now.  These games are not on UK TV.  Go to which has (I’m told) good quality video but no commentary for which you’ll pay £40 for the tournament or go to and go to their livestreaming.  You’ll need a positive balance in your account and the video quality is variable.  Other than that we’d rather you didn’t go down the pirate streaming route not least because we don’t like to think of our dear readers having to have their hard drives decontaminated.  With all that in mind here are today’s games in Groups C and D (all times given are for the UK) …

Group C in Zaragoza starts at 2.45pm with South Korea playing Belarus.  Both these teams have lost their opening two matches but been reasonably competitive for long stretches within those games – Belarus also have the tournament’s top scorer in the shape of Siarhei Rutenka.  Rutenka was top scorer in the 2006 European Championship when he was playing for Slovenia.  I’d make Belarus slight favourites but it could go either way.  Serbia should comfortably get past Saudi Arabia at 5pm.  The most interesting looking match of the day comes at 7.15pm as two unbeaten sides – Slovenia and Poland – go head to head.  The bookies give Poland the edge but it should be close.

Group D takes place in the lovely-named Caja Magica in Madrid and up first at 3.45pm is the all North African match between Algeria and Egypt.  The two teams played out a 34:34 draw in the African Championships almost exactly a year ago today and I’d expect another close game now.  With occasional brutal defence as well.  Should be fun.  At 6pm the amateurs of Australia will have the unenviable task of trying to keep the score respectable against hosts and favourites Spain.  Australia lost by 30 yesterday – if Spain play to win throughout it could be a greater margin today.  Last up we have should have a good one as two candidates for the title face off: Croatia and Hungary starts at 8.15pm and it will be a marker of how strong Hungary’s chances are if they can get a result today as neither side has really been tested so far.


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