Thursdays results … and today’s elimination news at the World Championship

Groups C and D become a lot clearer after Match Day 4.  Here are the scores and what they mean:

Group C
Slovenia 27:26 Belarus; Saudi Arabia 24:22 South Korea; Poland 25:24 Serbia
Slovenia, Poland and Serbia have qualified.  If Saudi beat Belarus on Saturday they will progress – any other result and it will be Belarus going forward.  South Korea are out.

Group D
Australia 15:39 Algeria; Hungary 22:28 Spain; Croatia 24:20 Egypt
Spain, Croatia and Hungary are through.  Egypt need to beat Australia by enough to pass Algeria’s goal difference as Algeria and Egypt drew their match.  Algeria are level on goal difference (they play Hungary) and Egypt are -20.  Obviously if Algeria beat Hungary it doesn’t matter what Egypt do. Australia are out.


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