World Championship Quarter Final Results

Drama aplenty today …  here’s how the matches ended:

Russia 27:28 Slovenia
Spain 28:24 Germany
Denmark 28:26 Hungary
France 23:30 Croatia

The semi finals are:
Slovenia v Spain
Denmark v Croatia
and they will both be played in Barcelona on 25 January.


  1. Brian Salmon

    A very disappointing night for a sluggish and seriously out of sorts French team which for too often in the game failed to demonstrate their championship pedigree. A team clad in red and white is going to be contesting the final with the hosts likely opposition, but whether that team is located on the Baltic or Adriatic is too difficult to say.

  2. sanja

    Dear Brian Croatia is a beautiful and clean country on the Adriatic. There lives friendly, family, hardworking, resourceful, handsome and sporty people. Children likes very much to play basketball, tennis, football, volleyball, water polo and of course handball. Every body want to play in the red and white T- shirt and everybody want to leave the hart in the game for that colourse.You will see that in the next games. I hope that Croatia handball team will be the winner of the World handball competition in the Spain.
    Congratulation for Dannmark handball team for all previous games but thay will need lucky against Croatia because Croatian players played the best handball who ever played.
    Greetings from Croatia

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