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England Handball has a Chief Executive

Sadly, Handball Views‘ own application for the top position got lost in the post so England Handball, the body charged with increasing partipation for handball and in receipt of Sport England funding to do so, have had to make do with appointing David Meli to be their first ever CEO.

Meli was previously part of the National Governing Body Relationship Team at Sport England so the relationship between the two organisations should remain pretty stable now that he gone from gamekeeper to poacher.

England Handball’s goal over the next few years will be to build the participation levels for handball using the Olympics as a catalyst but also through growing the sport in schools and, hopefully, linking up with initiatives that will (for example) get more women and girls into sport generally.  Handball being one of the more inclusive sports on the planet we should have good times ahead.

There’s more details and some quotes here.


We’re millionaires! Handball in England secures triple funding for the next four years …

Some excellent news coming from England Handball today.  Sport England have announced their latest round of Whole Sport Funding and England Handball has seen its funding trebled to £1.15m over the next four years.

The sport has been able to point to incredible growth which has accelerated since the Olympics.  Over 12,000 people in England are now estimated to taking part in handball at least once a week and there has been a 40% increase in schools participation in national competitions.

This funding will support participation and grassroots development and we can be happy that that is an area that looks secure until the next Olympics at least.  On the other side of the coin, UK Sport will tomorrow announce its funding for handball at the elite level and it will be a genuine surprise to see any positive news coming our way then.

The England Handball press release is here.

Festive cheer from England Handball

England Handball has been spreading good cheer about the good game of handball via the medium of twitterbook.  Given that UK Sport are soon to announce the results of their ‘no compromise’ approach to funding the international game (I think we can see how that will pan out) and Sport England are soon to release details of their participation approach to funding (a bit less clear), let’s have a look at the headline figures England Handball have been putting out:

  • For the first time in the history of handball there are more than 1,000 registered handball players in England
  • Once registrations are complete there will have been an 86% increase in the number of handball clubs in England since the Olympics
  • Participation amongst schools at under 15 level is up 39%

These figures obviously exclude Scotland and there have also been positive tweets and the like from Ireland (but as I know nothing about the situation there I’ll refrain from commenting).

The hard work for a handball legacy is now under way.

For more information about England Handball see here.

Good luck to all the Super (8) men …

It’s time for the men’s Super 8 league to throw off.  This weekend sees the big guns of English handball start their campaigns.  Salford will be looking to defend their title ..  the opening matches are:

London GD v Liverpool
Leeds Hornets v Salford

Manchester v Cambridge
Deva (Chester) v Ruislip

BBC Breakfast goes to Ruislip to find handball’s Olympic legacy

Handball on the BBC, it’s getting a bit habit forming.  Anyway, this morning BBC Breakfast broadcast a piece from Ruislip about how they – and other Olympic sports more generally – are coping with increased demand from the public for ‘minority sports’.  Apparently there are only 8 full time professional coaches for handball in England.

Good luck to everyone working to build a handball Olympic legacy and you can see the report here.