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Scandal! Drama! Action! Day 2 of Euro 2012 reviewed and day 3 coming up …

Image:  Sasa Boskovic grabbing a female in Serbia 2012

If you’re a fan of Spain or Montenegro then day two of Euro 2012 was a very good day.  Those two teams maintained their winning ways and will now be looking forward to the main round.  However, if you’re a fan of Germany or Iceland then you might want to look away now as with two losses from two games their tournament may be over very soon.

Before we get to that, let’s get to a nice bit of scandal brewing away.  In Norway’s win over Serbia on day one the home coach, Saša Bošković twice interfered with the movement of Norwegian player Linn Sulland.  You can read all about it over at Team Handball News and Handball Planet.  And if you like your outrage in Norwegian you could always start here.

Back to yesterday’s matches … In Group C, Spain and Croatia played out a tense game in which the Spanish always seemed to have the edge, thanks in major part to seven goals from Marta Mangue.  Confusingly Spain were in white and Croatia in red.  In the later game, Hungary broke the hearts of a determined Germany side, overcoming a 14:11 half time deficit to run out 24:21 winners – three unanswered goals in the final five minutes ensuring the win.  Germany now need to beat Croatia to go through – and by a big margin.  That seems unlikely.

Iceland lost, as expected, to Romania but it was a lot closer than anticipated and a lot scrappier too.  The Romanians are through though with three points, sitting behind Montenegro who dominated Russia before slipping back at the end.  The Olympic silver medallists were up 20:14 at half time and noticeably relaxed in the second half.  The winner of the Iceland v Russia match will progress in third place – a draw would put Russia through.

Today’s fixtures with the predicted winners in bold:

Group A: 5.15pm (UK) Serbia v Ukraine; Czech Republic v Norway

Group B: 5.15pm Macedonia v Sweden; Denmark v France


A look back on day 1 and a look ahead to day 2 of Euro 2012

Day one is done and dusted, the predictions of Handball Views are just so much chip paper (or you can see them below, so much for ‘science’) and there was much in the eight games to enjoy – as well as four games today to look forward to.

The most ominous result was Norway’s victory over Serbia.  The ladies of Norge have a reputation for starting slow and whilst they were pegged back in the second half they played the first with ruthless efficiency, opening up a five goal lead by the break.  They eventually won by two goals 28:26 but that’s presumably their hardest match in this group taken care of.  In the other match in Group A, six goals apiece from Iveta Luzumova and Helena Sterbova helped the Czech Republic to a 25:22 win over Ukraine.

In Group B, a Scandinavian duel ended with Sweden coming from behind to beat Denmark.  13:15 down at the break Usain Bolt’s favourite handballers were grateful for 10 goals from Johanna Ahlm (including several from the 7m line) in emerging 27:26 winners.  Denmark will be kicking themselves for missed chances and unforced errors.  Elsewhere, France brushed aside Macedonia.

Germany and Spain played out a tight game in Group C.  Both teams had the same number of shots in the match and it was only in the final ten minutes that the Spanish moved out to a three-goal lead.  In a possibly surprising result Croatia beat Hungary by the odd goal in 55 in the group’s second match.

Group D had a draw between Russia and Romania in which the Romanians managed to lose a six goal lead in front of what is effectively a home crowd (Romania is within 10 miles of the stadium) – the Romanian coach called the Russians ‘lucky’ whereas the Russian coach thanked god. Montenegro took down Iceland in a 10 goal victory, Katarina Bulatovic helped herself to 7 and Marina Vukcevic saved half of everything that Iceland threw at her.

Today’s games (our predicted winners are in bold).  All matches are live to UK viewers here.

Group C: 5.15pm (UK) Spain v Croatia; Hungary v Germany

Group D: 5.15pm Russia v Montenegro; Iceland v Romania

Handball Fantasy Time – Serbia Euro 2012 (Women’s edition) begins today …

https://i0.wp.com/www.scottishhandball.com/wp-content/uploads/EasyRotatorStorage/user-content/erc_52_1342127244/content/assets/Sponsor-Sliders-ehf-0.jpgWe’ve done the preview and some other people who know what they’re talking about have also had their say.  Today, with a whopping eight games, Euro 2012 gets underway.  Remember, this is the preliminary group stage so 12 of the 16 teams will progress so a loss today won’t be disastrous but teams will be wanting to build points and set down markers (and the sort of thing that sports commentators say when they’ve run out of other things).

Remember: it’s all live on the EHF Euro YouTube channel for viewers in the UK – and there will be a review programme every night at midnight on British Eurosport 2.

Here’s today’s fixtures with who I think (based on science(*)) will win in bold:

Group A:
4.45pm (UK) Ukraine v Czech Republic;  7.15pm Norway v Serbia (draw)

Group B:
4.45pm France v Macedonia; 7.15pm Sweden v Denmark

Group C:
5.15pm Germany v Spain; 7.15pm Croatia v Hungary

Group D:
5.05pm Montenegro v Iceland; 7.15pm Romania v Russia

(* = ‘science’ here is based on an alternative meaning of “guessing”)

Women’s Euro 2012 – the basics and where to watch …

https://i0.wp.com/www.handball-planet.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/euro2012_logo.pngSo it’s back off to Serbia, land of Handball Fantasy, for the second handball Euro 2012 to be held there. It was the men earlier in the year and now it is the women. Norway are defending champions and favourites, as one might expect, and Handball Views remains even after its long break, ignorant and wildly inaccurate … but’s lets cast our eye over the upcoming championship.

Four preliminary groups of four (Groups A-D) contest the opening round with the last placed team being eliminated following this opening round robin. The top three from Groups A and B then enter Group I and the top three from C and D go into Group II. They then play three more games, one each against teams who qualified from the ‘other’ preliminary group. Points accrued against the five other teams in the Group are totalled – and the top two make in through to the semi finals.

This all makes a lot more sense once the tournament starts.

Norway qualified as Greatest Team on the Planet (TM) and by being holders. The other 15 had to actually qualify. Netherlands should have been hosts with an automatic spot but when they withdrew their spot was taken by the already-qualified Serbia.

Who will be knocked out first
Given the terrifyingly accurate record of Handball Views you might want to avoid betting your house on our opinion but we think Ukraine will be bottom of Group A, Sweden at the foot of a frighteningly close Group B, Croatia will exit Group C and Iceland bidding adieu from Group D.

Who will win the title
Norway. France will come second. Montenegro might rattle them a bit.

Where and when can I watch it?
It’s all LIVE on the EHF YouTube channel here. Matches start on 4 December and the final is on 16 December at 4pm UK.

Is Handball Views going to be covering it?
We’ll be trying to get ourselves near enough to a working computer with broadband to provide reviews of each day. As ever, your comments are appreciated!

How can I get in the mood?
You might want to compare the treatment given to promotion between the men’s and women’s tournaments. The top video is the song for the women’s; underneath it’s the men’s. Note that only one seems to want to show the sport first.

Get your tickets for …

For the British handball fan with access to the internet, balance on your debit card and time to plan a city break a couple of major events have announced the opening of ticket sales.

First up is the Men’s World Championship which is taking place in Spain in January 2013.  Preliminary group day tickets are now available with prices ranging from €10 to €35.  So for roughly the price of a League 2 football match you could be sitting in a premium seat watching top level international handball.  The plane to Madrid from London is probably cheaper than a train around England as well.  Details here.

Then there is the Velux Final 4 which is the culmination of the EHF Champions League in June 2013 and held in Cologne.  During the initial sales window 10,000 of the available 19,000 tickets were sold.  There are now more available.  Last year Final Countdown ‘rockers’ Europe provided the headline for the accompanying entertainment, no word yet on whether The Scorpions will provide the 2013 crowd pleasers.  Prices range from €60 to €240 and there are details here.

Before both those tournaments there is the Women’s Euro 2012 taking place in Serbia.  Watching 15 top nations battle it out for the right to finish second to Norway should make for pretty decent pre-Christmas entertainment and the men’s edition held earlier this year also in Serbia (the Netherlands withdrew from hosting the women’s event in mid 2012) was notable for the ferocity of the local support and general passion of the crowds.  In a mostly good way.  Tickets will be available from Monday 17 September with day tickets for the preliminary round starting at €6 which is the price of an average cup of coffee in London.  Details here.