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PSG go into the break with 13 wins from 13 …

Their badge is pretty cool

It’s when you win in the last minute with a bit of good fortune that you know you’re really into “Championship form”.  And for Paris St Germain the truth is they might as well engrave their name on the French League trophy now.

They have 26 points from 13 games and have a comfortable lead over nearest rivals (and previous owners of the title) Montpellier.  If the team from outside the smoke hadn’t had an ‘interesting’ start to the year maybe the league might be closer (we can hope for that next year perhaps) but when they played in September Montpellier were in the midst of scandal and went down 38:24.  Now they trail by 4 points and Paris aren’t going to lose that much between now and season’s end.

Last night’s win for PSG was close – they edged Tremblay-en-France 27:26 and another side wouldn’t have taken the points.  For the boys in yellow (that’s Tremblay) they can have some comfort for having the moment of the night with Arnaud Bingo’s reverse leaping throw into the net.  For the rest of us we can enjoy the show and wait for Paris to join the elite of the Champions League next season.