Day 2: Results

You want the scores.  I’ll give you the scores.

Group A: Germany 32:23 Brazil; Argentina 28:26 Montenegro; France 30:27 Tunisia

Group B: Macedonia 30:28 Chile; Iceland 25:30 Russia; Denmark 41:27 Qatar

Group C: Serbia 31:22 South Korea; Slovenia 32:22 Saudi Arabia; Poland 24:22 Belarus

Group D: Croatia 36:13 Australia; Hungary 32:23 Egypt


One comment

  1. Brian

    Hi from Sevile, Macedonia are not going to win the cup, not unless it is going to be judged on decibels raised. The very noisy fans sung cheeered and carhorned every shot and save. Icekands goalies 7 saveless minutes meant a quick exit from the game. It was a more drawn out exit for his maye in shirt 13. He came onto court 4 times and within seconds got the 2 fingers from the ref each time and then the dreaded red card. Iceland blew a 3 goal lead and could not take their chancesto win rthe game.
    A shock for the many Danish fans, their hero Mikkel Hanson was benched , no rift in the camp, he was signing photos as his teammates cantered past the limited efforts of Qatar. A Qatari player picked a suspension inside the first couple of minutes for a head shot to the Great Dane Markusen 212 cm- a career as a high jumper surely awaits.

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