Wednesday’s World Championship Results

Dear Reader, I hope none of you bet your houses based on our predictions.  Here are the scores from Match Day 4:

Group A:
Brazil 27:22 Tunisia; Germany 29:21 Montenegro; Argentina 23:35 France
Germany, France and Brazil have qualified; Montenegro are eliminated
Tunisia & Brazil have 4 points each with Argentina on 2.  Brazil are ahead of Argentina and Tunisia on head to head. If Argentina beat Tunisia on Friday I assume that means Tunisia go out.

Group B:
Macedonia 29:29 Russia; Chile 23:31 Qatar; Iceland 28:36 Denmark
Denmark, Russia and Macedonia have qualified; Chile are eliminated
If Qatar beat Iceland on Friday they will be level on 4 points each – the first determiner in a tie is meant to be the head to head result. So Qatar would progress. Did I mention I find this all very confusing?


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