Tuesday’s games at the World Handball Championship in Groups A and B …

Tunisia are in action again today.

After yesterday’s somewhat predictable day we’re all hoping that Groups A and B will spark again in today’s games.  Here’s what’s ahead:

On Sunday, Tunisia beat Germany to make life very interesting in Group A and today they face Montenegro who have lost two from two.  Their match starts at 3pm (UK) and it’s worth considering that Tunisia also made life difficult for France whereas Montenegro did not.  Another Tunisian win today would not be a surprise.  After that, at 5.15pm, comes Germany v Argentina.  Both teams are 1-1 for the tournament but whereas Germany beat Brazil fairly easily Argentina lost to their old foes.  Germany to get the win today.  Last up, at 7.45pm, it’s France against Brazil.  In football this might be close but with basically a home crowd cheering them on and with their players now clicking this should be comfortable for the French.

Over in Seville I suspect there may be a few empty seats in the hall for the opening match at 2.45pm: Qatar v Russia.  The Qataris problem is their defence.  Despite scoring 57 goals they are -18 on points difference after two matches – a heavy loss against Denmark followed by a more creditable defeat to Macedonia.  They will lose again today but hopefully give more indication of being competitive as hosts in 2015.  At 5pm the yellow and red army of Macedonia meet Iceland.  In front of the Balkan-friendly crowd of Euro 2012, Macedonia placed 5th to Iceland’s 10th but in pretty much every other tournament ever Iceland have bested them – and I’d expect that to happen again today.  Finally, at 7.15pm, top team Denmark plays bottom team Chile.  The Danes may rotate their squad again for this one but will still emerge with a win.


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  1. Brian Salmon

    Back in the UK now, did not see the first game so can not comment on the attendance for the first game, however as the two sets of fans had so far mustered five flags between them, it was likelier to be of the blog’s better predictions. Turning to the best supported team in the group, Denmark has just released tickets for their home games when they host 2014’s Euros exactly a year from now. Having spent a weekend with the invading Red Army cheering a supremely talented handball team, I would urge fans of the game to ensure that they experience an unforgettable sporting experience by going to the EHF site here.

    If anyone is interested in my thoughts on the games in Seville as they happened, you can look here, as unfortunately I managed to tweet a lot of my comments to the wrong handle, so apologies for that. https://twitter.com/flyingking2

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